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Patients Worry about Metal Detectors when Traveling

One of the top articles read this summer on the AAHKS patient education website is, “Will my artificial joint set off airport security metal detectors?” This is a common concern of patients who have had hip or knee replacement surgery. The article provides information that it is likely the metal in the implant will be detected, and that… Read More

New Patient Education from AAHKS: Good Recovery

Here is an excerpt from the latest article, “Good Health = Good Recovery after Joint Surgery,” published by the AAHKS Patient and Public Relations Committee. Your overall health is important and can have a major impact on how well you do after hip or knee replacement surgery. It is important to discuss your health with your physician so… Read More

“Getting a Good Night’s Sleep” Popular on AAHKS Patient Website

Since the launch of the new AAHKS website for patient education, the article “Getting a Good Night’s Sleep after Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery” is the most visited following the overview articles on hip and knee replacement surgery. Written and peer-reviewed by the AAHKS Patient Education Committee, the article suggests that when it’s difficult to sleep, “you should… Read More

Share AAHKS Patient Resources

Patient microsite homepage

AAHKS has launched a new website for patients that gives them a centralized, credible source for hip and knee replacement surgery information. The new site represents a collaboration between the Patient and Public Relations Committee, Web and Social Media Committee and Evidence Based Medicine Committee. Peer reviewed articles and videos are available now in an attractive format that… Read More

New Patient Education: Knee Replacement Surgery

Two new articles have been posted to the AAHKS website with a focus on knee replacement surgery. “Full vs. Partial Knee Replacement: What’s the difference?” and “Resuming Physical and Athletic Activity following Knee Replacement” were drafted and peer reviewed by the Patient Education Committee and the Evidence Based Medicine Committee. We encourage you to share the patient education… Read More

New Patient Education: PRP Injections

Following the recent article on stem cell therapy added to the patient education library on, another new article, “PRP for the Management of Osteoarthritis of the Hip and Knee” has been added. The article was written and peer reviewed by the AAHKS Patient and Public Relations and Evidence-Based Medicine Committees. The article explains what conditions PRP is… Read More

Stem Cell Technology Added to Patient Library

The AAHKS Patient and Public Relations Committee has published a new article, “Can Stem Cell Therapy Help My Joint Pain?” to the AAHKS library of patient education articles. The article has been written and peer reviewed by members of the Patient and Public Relations Committee and the Evidence-Based Medicine Committee. Articles in the library are regularly updated and… Read More

Featured Q&A on HSS Patient Study

Becker’s Healthcare conducted a Q&A session with AAHKS member, Amar S. Ranawat, MD, on the recent patient education study done at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York (HSS). Patients who underwent hip or knee replacement surgery for osteoarthritis were separated into two groups. One group received education prior to surgery that included one-on-one sessions with a… Read More

USBJI Publishes Data on Musculoskeletal Diseases

The United States Bone and Joint Initiative has published an executive summary and full volume of comprehensive data on musculoskeletal disorders that addresses how common these conditions are, why it matters and what we can do differently to address and reverse the trends. According to the summary, “If research and clinical investments came closer to matching the burden… Read More

New Patient Ed Popular on

The seven new patient education articles posted to the AAHKS website in July have quickly become some of the most popular pages. Articles with the top hits were: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep after Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery Will My Artificial Joint Set Off Airport Security Metal Detectors? Setting Expectations with Your Surgeon Prior to Joint Replacement… Read More