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Arthroplasty Today Articles in Press

The following articles are available to read in Arthroplasty Today ahead of the next full issue:

Removing a well-fixed femoral sleeve during revision total knee arthroplasty
J. Ryan Martin, Tyler S. Watters, Daniel L. Levy, Jason M. Jennings, Douglas A. Dennis

Medial tibial “spackling” to lessen chronic medial tibial soft tissue irritation
J. Ryan Martin, Tyler Steven Watters, Daniel L. Levy, Jason M. Jennings, James P. Boyle, Douglas A. Dennis

Do shorter lengths of stay increase readmissions after total joint replacements?
Udai S. Sibia, Kip A. Waite, Maura A. Callanan, Adrian E. Park, Paul J. King, James H. MacDonald

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